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The dial is far from perfect as the Speedmaster replica watch gift Professional dial is for example, and the watch is a bit small if you are used to 40mm watches and upwards.To me however, there is some magic in this watch.and for starting watch collectors in general.Most private web sites on watches are about brands or certain genres, this one is generic but very usefull if you are just starting out collecting (vintage) watches.Tips on getting parts, watch makers tools, links to watch repair shops, value of watches and a FAQ make this website worth bookmarking.

There is also an overview of history on the major brands (some of them don’t even exist anymore) with a rich history.The owner, Kevin James, has really put a great effort in this site.Visit thewatchguy and enjoy!In the Netherlands we have this website swiss replica watches called Marktplaats’, which is as much as MarketPlace’.It seems to be the source of all evil when it comes to fakes and replica things.I really don’t understand that Rolex or some organisation with the task to chase illegal activities like breaking copyright laws, does not seem to care about these kind of websites.
Anyway, today I did a search for (Rolex) Submariners and I got this which made me speechless for a few moments:The owner/seller claims that he bought it in Dubai for 750 USD and that he is selling it because he ended his collecting hobbyAvailable as per
replica Audemars Piguet watches january 2006 and will cost you about 1900 Euro.The official Seiko site on this watch can be found here.Thanks Gadget.nl.

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Until recently, the DeVille Co-Axial models took Concord replica watches this role from the Constellation line.Personally I would prefer the caliber 55x movement, because of the availability of spare parts.The production of these caliber 55x models was a bit later though, late 50s to the 60s.Anyway, great watch!!Per K wrote a small review on this watch here.which I can understand, when I look at the watch Tom S.is talking about at the Public Forum on TimeZone.As he writes:Remembrances of things past.

I have been out of this game for the better part of a year now (or thereabout, I’ve lost track).But tonight, as I settled down with a nice Pinot Noir and a good cigar, I decided to thumb through the Kenjo catalog I still receive at this time of the year.All the usual suspects were there, including a number of new models.While I’m still mildly interesting in looking at IWC replica watches, I found I had no real desire for any of them.In fact, looking at the various design features, I was reminded of how, when I was afflicted with the watch disease, I’d actually have opinions about minutiae such as lug width of this new model, or the choice of hands on some other.

It all seemed a little absurd, and a little amusing.No offence meant to anyone, it’s just that when you step away for a while, most of these issues seem almost incomprehensible in hindsight.Anyway, as I was turning the last pages, I came upon a Corum replica watches listed in their preowned section.Seeing that watch did bring back fond memories.So here is a small homage to that watch, and I almost wish I still had it: I have seen this watch a couple of time in the flesh, and I have to admit that it looks great.

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This was the result of the Korea Panerai GTG! AmazingMore on this Korean GTG here and here

Steve S shows his 5970 in white gold on the Paneristi Forum.Congrats on the watch Steve!This morning I received an email from Art.Art writes:Hi,I just couldn’t resist picking up a Swatch Automatic and writing alittle about it, especially comparing it to my present daily-wearer,a JLC ultra thin.Please take a peek, and if you think other peoplecan benefit from my observations, by all means, feel free to link toit on your site. replica Rolex Datejusts watches.Since I have a few days off, I read the observation’ by Art.

Although I don’t think you will benefit’ from it watch wise, it does give an interesting perspective on Swatches through the eyes of Art.TCStraps always used to be a great source for Panerai straps, however I just discovered that they have a great selection of Panerai Breitling replica watches now as well.Maybe I am just late, but I never saw so many watches for sale before on their web site.If you are in the fortunate situation to be able to purchase a (or more) vintage Panerai, definately take a peek over there.

For the people who are longing for some White Dial Love, TCStraps (TC stands for Time Connection) also has this one (PAM3B) for sale for 4150 USD:this fabulous Omega Constellation of the first generation (thus with automatic bumper movement).I sold my own caliber 501 Constellation (first regular’ automatic movement model) a Chopard replica watches while ago, and these pictures make me almost want it back.However, these watches are just a bit too small for my wrists, so it would (and it didn’t) never get any wrist time The first Constellation saw life in 1952, and was considered to be Omega’s flagship model for a long, long time.

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The good thing about forums, is that when someone posts a picture of his new (or vintage) watch, there is always someone who has a somewhat special’ replica Japanese Rolex watches version of that same watch.In the Omega Forum at TimeZone, AaronJK posted a picture of his new Christmas present:A Seamaster Chronograph with caliber 861 (based on Lemania caliber 1871).I love this model btw, with those colored sub dials.Not long after AaronJK’s original post in the forum, quatre_temps’ posts his version of this vintage 1970 Seamaster Chronograph with roulette wheel’.I had never seen this one before.

Very nice! And before rounding up this post, I will add in another vintage (and rare’) Omega watch today.JBagnall posted the following text on the replica Rolex Ladies watches Forum at TimeZone:This watch has been in my family for 36 yrs.Originally purchased for my Father in 1969 is a true World Traveller.With the possible exception of South America it has been on every Continent.It has taken a ride on a Yak in Nepal, been on Safari in Africa, survived 4 Monsoon seasons in India, by Motorcycle has traversed the North American continent no less than 5 times and travelled through all of Western Europe.

It has survived Fog, Rain and Snow on numerous Motorcycle trips, all told somewhere in the region of 200,000km’s.The watch carries a 930cal (modified 861cal)that dispenses with the 12hr counter in favour of a Date Window. replica Rolex Sports Models watches Although it seems that the bracelet and case do not match (case is probably doubl?© or at least not 14Kt gold, and the bracelet probably is 14kt gold), it is a marvelous watch! Although I am not a fan of gold, I would wear this without a doubt.Probably on a nice brown croco leather strap! The best thing ofcourse, is the story behind this watch that makes it so special.